Portrait on commission

A painted portrait is a special way of capturing a person. It is of all times and often lasts for generations. A good portrait should not only contain a good likeness, but the character of the person(s) portrayed also plays an essential role.

In order to create a recognisable, characteristic and captivating portrait, it is important that I can connect with the subject(s). I therefore prefer to photograph the model myself so that I can get to know him/her better and gather more image information for a rich and well-founded work of art.

Portrait painting

  • Head and shoulders € 2.000,-
  • Half figure € 2.500,-
  • Three quarter figure € 3.000,-
  • Full figure € 4.000,-
  • Several figures On request

Portrait drawing (charcoal and/or graphite)

  • Head and shoulders € 400,-
  • Half figure € 500,-
  • Three quarter figure € 600,-
  • Full figure € 750,-
  • Several figures On request

The above rates are ‘starting prices’ based on an average size canvas or panel, one person, without objects and with an even background.

The rates are:

  • including photography of the model (depending on the location)
  • including VAT
  • including material (panel, paint)
  • exclusive frame
  • excluding travel costs (if applicable)

The portraits are painted in the highest quality oil paint on aluminium panel. A portrait on traditional linen is also possible.

If you would like a customised price indication or more information, please contact me.


Examples of portraits