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Wencke Vinks in the Rijksmuseum!

[:en]Wencke Vinks has been definitively selected for the Lang Leve Rembrandt exhibition. This means that her submitted work can be viewed together with other works by Dutch and international artists from 15 July to 15 September 2019 at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

The Lang Leve Rembrandt exhibition is being organized on the occasion of The Year of Rembrandt. Wencke Vinks was already chosen from a pre-selection of no less than 8,390 submitters from 95 countries.

Her work, the Reading Woman, came about spontaneously when a model took a pause in her studio, put on her coat, and took hold of her iPad. “When I entered my studio, I saw how her face and the inside of her hood were illuminated by the screen. I was immediately impressed by the dramatic light effect and I felt challenged by the unusual way in which my model was highlighted. ”The comparison with Rembrandt’s Reading Woman was quickly made. Where Rembrandt is concerned with reflective light from a page of a book, in Wencke Vinks’ work it is about looking directly into the light source itself. It is wonderful to portray the reading woman from the contemporary image of life in 2019 in a painting in the atmosphere of Rembrandt.

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